RFQ Engineering Services

The Town of Bostic is accepting responses to the Request for Qualification (RFQ) for Professional Services for the potable water distribution system and stormwater improvements on and in the vicinity of Old Sunshine Highway in the Town of Bostic. Copies of the RFQ are available on the Town website at: https://www.townofbostic.com/rfq-engineering-services or by contacting the Town as shown below. The professional engineering services contract to be negotiated for the project must comply with NCDEQ-DWI guidance documents and receive acceptance/approval from NCDEQ-DWI prior to final payments by the Town of Bostic.

The Town of Bostic has received funding from the North Carolina General Assembly’s Session Law (S.L.) 2023-134, section 12.2 (e). The funding will be administered through NC DEQ Division of Water Infrastructure (DWI. The funding is designated to make improvements to the potable water distribution system and stormwater drainage system on Old Sunshine Highway between the intersection of the roadway with North Main Street on both ends.

Contingent upon the formal funding award the Town of Bostic is soliciting requests for qualifications for professional engineering services to assist the Town with the proposed potable water system and stormwater improvements. The fees for professional engineering services will be paid with the subject grant funds.

Respondents must submit a digital response to the RFQ's by 4:00 PM on January 31, 2024.

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